You may be in Phoenix, you may be in Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, or Glendale – it doesn’t really matter where. The things that make houses sell faster and for higher prices are pretty much the same. In simple terms, people want to buy houses that look great, feel spacious, are a great value, and are customizable enough to meet their specific needs. Is it possible to accomplish this without the help of professional real estate agents? Yes, but you will need a serious game plan and a particular set of skills.
Below are some tips you can follow to maximize your home’s selling potential:

Offsite Storage Units

The first thought people have before showing their home to prospective buyers is to start stashing away their stuff in all the storage spaces of the home. On its face, this is a sensible idea but ultimately it will fail in your goal of making the house look better or more spacious. Most people will check the closets to see how much storage space the house will offer them. Couples, especially take the master bedroom closets very seriously and will be taking note. If your closets are not just full but overly stuffed with excess things, it may make them look inadequate. So now you see that cramming more things into your closets is counterproductive.
What you should do is take stock of all the things that are essential for your daily living and have the things you don’t need sent to a storage facility. The fee for off-site storage will be more than made up when the home is sold.

Setting the Stage

The best-case scenario is to have a professional home stager come through and view this home through the eyes of the prospective homebuyer. They should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the property and stage the home to downplay its flaws and play up its strengths. Not everyone can afford to do this, so the next best option is to have your friend do the tour and view your home through a “fresher” set of eyes and give you their honest opinion on all facets of the home.
This phase of the home selling process has become even more important in the internet age. Now, almost every house for sale needs to have an online listing to stand out and get what it is worth. Furthermore, those online listings need several very well shot photos of the home to compete. The professional home stager can do this for you, but if you don’t have access to such a professional, you can look at the best home listings in your area and simply recreate the shots they used when you are taking your own photos.

Aside from being listed on the top home directories, you also should be using social media, home owner association bulletin boards, email lists, and any other user driven content medium to get the word out about your home being on the market. You never know if someone your friends, family, or neighbors know is looking for a house like yours in the area.
Take Your Identity Out of the Home
Of course, you love your family photos and artwork, but not everybody else will. Furthermore, no matter how lovely your personal décor is, it makes it harder for the prospective homebuyer to see themselves in the home when they imagine what it will be like after they buy it. You need to remove as many of those barriers to the sale as possible.

Be Smart with the Upgrades

In keeping with the sentiment of not personalizing the home, investing large sums of money into upgrading the home can be very risky. If the upgrades are too specific to one kind of style, you may have to wait longer to find the right buyer, or lower the price so that you end up not receiving a good return on investment. Stick to the basics that almost everybody will love, like matching appliances in the kitchen.

Spruce it Up

You must thoroughly clean the home. That includes the uncommon cleaning, like baseboards and window screens. It also won’t hurt to apply a fresh coat of paint. Just make sure that paint is a light, neutral color. You also should install the brightest lighting possible. Every single room and viewing angle of the home should be well lit. Darkness makes spaces feel smaller and more claustrophobic.

Don’t Neglect Curb Appeal

The way your home looks outside is the first and last thing people will notice. You absolutely must take care of the lawn, the fences, exterior paint, front door, windows, and anything else outside near your home. Have all garbage cans placed out of sight. Clean up your garage and organize all the tools. It may be a good idea to pressure wash the walkway and drive way. Also, if it matches the landscaping of your home, consider adding some flowers for an extra bit of color and life to the exterior.

What is Your Strategy?

There are more home buyers out looking and making purchases in the warmer months, so Spring and Summer are great times to list a home. However, since all realtors know this, this is also the most competitive time, so your home must do more to stand out during these months. If you wait for the colder months, you will have less competition but there are also fewer people looking for homes. You may need to wait longer or accept a lower offer.

You have another Option…

So, as you see, selling your home fast in the Phoenix Metro area or just about anywhere else requires some work and some more money. If these are simply too many steps to take or maybe if you have absolutely no more resources to invest in your home, then selling to Cash Home Buyers is the best option. We buy houses fast, pretty houses or ugly ones. You never have to fix or even clean the homes. Just let us look and we will make an offer for the home as is.

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