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Is a Short Sale the Best Choice for You?

Is a Short Sale the Best Choice for You? Like many families, you may be facing a situation in which you believe foreclosure is your only option. Well, take heart in knowing that is not necessarily the case. You may have more possibilities to consider, like a short sale. You may be able to get [...]

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Sell a Phoenix Home Fast on Your Own

You may be in Phoenix, you may be in Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, or Glendale – it doesn’t really matter where. The things that make houses sell faster and for higher prices are pretty much the same. In simple terms, people want to buy houses that look great, feel spacious, are a great value, and are [...]

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7 Helpful Tips for Executors

We came across this very helpful list of things to do or consider when you are an executor. http://www.bankrate.com/finance/retirement/7-tips-executor-of-an-estate.aspx#slide=1 Thanks to Bankrate for this useful post. If you are dealing with such a situation right now, we hope this gives you the confidence to face the responsibilities. Let us know how you are handling probate [...]

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What’s it Like to Sell an Inherited Home?

After a person dies in North America, something must be done with their “estate”. The average estate here will include things such as personal bank accounts, a car, retirement accounts, life insurance, valuable items, and a home. In the overwhelming majority of inheritance cases, the most valuable asset is the home. How to manage that [...]

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Downsizing: Smartest Choice Ever

Over the past several decades, Americans have been marketed to in ways that drill the notion into our heads that owning the largest home you can possibly afford is the mark of success. Post World War II, America was changed forever. While there was a brief baby boom, family sizes would steadily decline while home [...]

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